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"Take a look at the piece entitled 'Lost Alligators'. First you notice the color, that peculiar intense yellow green that characterizes South Florida. Then, the shack. It may be 5 or 50 years old, but it feels like it's been rooted into this tropical grotto forever. Than, take another look. And you smile. The alligator shack is an alligator. Awaiting its prey. Perpetually hungry. But never fated to be satisfied. It's that second look. The humor.

That's a Donna Hixson point of view.

She was born in the mid-section of Louisiana. Even after most of her life spent in the urban centers of Chicago and New York, you can still hear a tiny bit of that southern in her voice and see it in her smile. She was the first woman cameraman at NBC in Chicago. She turned to video production and again, consistently won awards for her unique visual sense. Then, left an essentially corporate world to become the lone poet, carrying her camera everywhere and capturing unseen people, landscapes, animals, wreckage and ruins.

  • Today, she continues to wander. From place to place in the world. Her work is personal, but meant to be seen and shared."
  • Joan Beugen
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Cresta Creative, Chicago

  • Bio
  • 1989-1997
  • Co-Founder, Cresta Group, now Cresta Creative, Chicago.
  • Cresta Creative produces corporate image and marketing video for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Clients include Association for a Better New York, Baxter International, Coca-Cola, Catalyst, Delta Air Lines, Hanes, Jones Lang LaSalle, The Keebler Company, Lincoln Park Zoo, Navistar, Nortel Networks Corporation, Mattel/Pleasant Company, PepsiCo/Quaker Oats Company, Novartis/Sandoz and Sara Lee Corporation.
  • 1975-1989
  • WMAQ-TV, NBC O&O, Chicago, IL
  • News Assignments, News Producer, News Photographer, Editor
  • 1970-1975
  • KERA-TV, PBS, Dallas, Texas
  • Filmmaker, Documentaries
  • Education:
  • Southern Methodist University, Dallas
  • BA, Creative Literature
  • MFA, Television Production & Film History